Our Label

We’re a label that stands to celebrate the intrinsic beauty of Indian textiles. Each of our pieces weaves together the indigenous craftsmanship, handlooms and the dexterity of our artisans. We bring together embroidery and weaving techniques from across the country and shape them into contemporary fashion.

We are rooted in the concept of sustainability. We believe in enabling our patrons to make sustainable choices; our clothes are meant to be cherished and worn time and again. Every piece bearing our label is handcrafted from sustainably sourced materials and we further this by designing timeless silhouettes that remain evergreen. At our production facility as well as our flagship store we are proud to be equal opportunity employers providing sustainable and fulfilling work opportunities to Indian artisans and weavers.

Rinku Sobti

Rinku has been the face and force behind the label for over two decades. For her this label is more than just fashion, it’s about curating the best that Indian textiles, handlooms and artisanship has to offer.

Rinku Sobti has been a part of various international shows, like the Coterie in New York and Tuileries in Paris and in London. She is also a registered member of FDCI (Fashion Design Council of India) and has managed to make her own place in the fashion realm, participating in the Lakme Fashion Week several times.

There has been a comprehensive effort by Rinku for promoting Indian Handloom Brands and also supporting the handloom artisans and the art of weaving by working along with multiple clusters and bringing new designs to these clusters so that the handloom gets a contemporary makeover.

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